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Potty Training Consultant

Frederick, MD, USA


Potty Training Consultant is a standout company in the US that offers a science-based approach to potty training, taking the stress out of what can often be a challenging milestone for families. With over 5,000 hours of research under their belt, they offer evidence-based methods that have helped over 6,000 families successfully navigate this transition. The company provides a wealth of resources, from a survival guide to troubleshooting courses, allowing parents to tailor the potty training experience to their child's individual needs. The company also offers a range of products and free resources, making it a comprehensive one-stop-shop for potty training needs. The personal touch is evident in the 1:1 support and consults, reflecting the company's commitment to building a supportive community for parents.

Kiddish Potty Training

San Francisco, CA, USA


Kiddish Potty Training, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, stands out in the industry for its uniquely comprehensive approach to toilet training. The company utilizes neurodivergent affirming tools and practices to cater to children diagnosed with ASD, ADD, and ADHD, demonstrating impressive inclusivity. Their services extend from in-home potty training to remote consultations, thereby accommodating families' varying needs and circumstances. The founder, Cara Smith, leverages Montessori-inspired methods, combining them with her expertise to create tailored strategies that empower toddlers to meet their toilet training milestones confidently. The company's high success rate, backed by positive testimonials, underscores their commitment to providing effective, personalized solutions for parents and toddlers alike.

Sleepwise Consulting

Saint Anne, IL, USA


Sleep Wise Consulting is a highly regarded firm in the US, known for its comprehensive range of services aimed at improving children's sleep habits and assisting with potty training. The company boasts a dynamic team of certified sleep consultants and childhood development experts who offer personalized solutions for families. Their services are not limited to sleep training; they also provide prenatal and newborn assistance, infant and toddler sleep plans, and even cater to the unique challenges of twins or multiples. In addition, their innovative Potty Training Course offers a stress-free, science-backed approach to toilet training. Sleep Wise Consulting's commitment to fostering healthy family dynamics is further demonstrated by their Healthy Parent coaching packages, designed to support parents through the challenges of the early parenting stages.

Live Love Sleep

Dallas, TX, USA


Live Love Sleep® is a truly remarkable company that specializes not just in sleep training for babies and toddlers, but also offers potty training consultancy. Based in the U.S., their empathetic and tailored approach, led by founder Kaley, has been a game-changer for numerous exhausted parents, as reflected in their glowing testimonials. The company, which employs gentle sleep training methods, has been successful in helping families across the globe from Houston to Sydney. Their services range from virtual consultations to in-home visits, catering to the diverse needs of their clients. A unique feature is their complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call, a testament to their commitment to understanding each child's individual sleep struggles. With a focus on creating a well-rested and confident family dynamic, Live Love Sleep® is definitely a company worth considering for parents in need.

Good Inside

New York, NY, USA


Good Inside | Parenting with Dr. Becky" offers a unique, science-informed approach to parenting that has found its niche in the competitive US market. With a membership fee of $84, it positions itself as an accessible platform for parents seeking expert guidance. Notably, its focus on potty training consultancy stands out. The company's strength lies in Dr. Becky's expertise, tapping into the psychological aspects of this pivotal developmental stage. While the website is user-friendly, it might benefit from additional detailed information about the specific methodologies employed. Overall, "Good Inside" seems well-poised to make the often daunting task of potty training less stressful for parents and children alike.

The Potty School

Costa Mesa, CA, USA


The Potty School® stands out as a leading enterprise, offering expert potty training and elimination communication services. Their dedication to educating parents on how to transition their children from diapers to flush is commendable. Offering a range of services from in-person consultations to virtual classes and memberships, they cater to parents and caregivers of children aged 0-10 years. Their niche in providing special needs potty training is particularly noteworthy. Client testimonials highlight the tangible results and personalized support offered by The Potty School®, solidifying its reputation as a trusted resource in child potty training.

Confident Parenting

West Chester, PA, USA


Established in 2011, Confident Parenting is a comprehensive resource for parents across the United States. This organization, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, boasts a team of experts specializing in potty training, sleep coaching, and other parenting challenges. Their services extend to early autism assessments as well as emotional and behavioral support, making Confident Parenting a one-stop shop for a broad range of parental needs. What sets them apart is their virtual and in-office support, catering to families regardless of their location. With a strong network of partner resources, Confident Parenting provides a village of support to families, whether they are first-time parents or seasoned veterans. Their client testimonials speak volumes about their effective strategies and dedicated approach to parenting support.

Oh Crap Potty Training From ME to You

Portland, ME, USA


Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You, helmed by the vibrant Maine-based mom and certified potty training consultant, Jen L'Italien, offers a comprehensive suite of services for parents navigating the often tricky terrain of toddler potty training. The company provides a diverse range of resources, from phone consultations to blog posts, centered around the proven Oh Crap Potty Training method. Their offerings particularly shine in addressing common potty training hurdles, such as resistance and frequent accidents, bolstering parental confidence along the way. L'Italien's regular Instagram updates provide valuable tips and strategies, while her thoughtful selection of potty training supplies and books offers extra support to both parents and toddlers. With a clear commitment to demystifying the potty training process, Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You stands as a valuable resource for parents nationwide.

Oh Crap! Potty Training With Jenny

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Oh Crap! Potty Training with Jenny, based in Los Angeles, has carved a niche for itself in the realm of potty training consultation. Embracing the globally recognized "Oh Crap" curriculum, Jenny Phelps, the owner, provides an array of services to help parents navigate the often challenging terrain of potty training. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, Phelps' approach is tailored to each child's unique needs. This includes online classes available from any location, in-person potty parties in the Los Angeles area, and direct phone or online forum consulting. The company's website also serves as a valuable resource, offering a blog filled with tips, tricks, and experiences. With a decade of experience as a college educator and a trained expert in the "Oh Crap!" method, Phelps delivers a thoughtful, creative, and effective approach to potty training.

Potty Training School

Royal Palm Beach, FL, USA


Potty Training School, based in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, offers a unique, structured approach to potty training with a four-hour boot camp and a variety of additional resources. The company's method focuses on cognitive-behavioral training through engaging, play-based activities, creating a fun and supportive environment for children aged 24 months to 4 years. Notably, Potty Training School doesn't shy away from accidents, instead using them as teaching opportunities. Parents are not left out either; they receive education on various aspects of potty training and continuous support via email for 48 hours post training. It's impressive that they can also opt for private classes, video tutorials, or phone consultations, making the services flexible and accessible to different needs and schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifications should a competent potty training consultant possess?

A proficient potty training consultant should have a solid background in child development or a related field, along with specific training and experience in toilet training techniques. They should be adept at tailoring strategies to individual children's needs and behaviors, and knowledgeable about the physiological and psychological aspects of potty training. In the US, a certification from a reputable body such as the Professional Child Development Associate (CDA) Council can provide added assurance of their expertise.

Are there unique expertise or certifications required for potty training consultants operating in the United States?

Potty Training Consultants in the United States do not have a specific certification requirement. However, many professionals in this field may possess a background in child psychology, early childhood education, or pediatric nursing. They often also have hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in child development and behavior management strategies. While not mandatory, some consultants may choose to undertake specialized training programs or courses related to toilet training to enhance their expertise.

How does the experience and expertise of a potty training consultant impact their training methods and results?

The knowledge and experience of a potty training consultant greatly influences their training approach and outcomes. Consultants who are experts in the field are often adept at tailoring training methods to the unique needs of each child, employing evidence-based strategies that promote quick learning and long-lasting results. With greater expertise comes an increased ability to handle a variety of potty training challenges, making the training process more efficient and less stressful. In the US, many expert consultants also stay updated on the latest research and advancements in the field, ensuring their methods are both effective and up-to-date.

What are the different methods used by potty training consultants to train a child?

Potty training consultants utilize a variety of techniques to help children transition from diapers to the toilet. These methods often include positive reinforcement strategies, such as rewards or praise for successful attempts. Some consultants also use the gradual withdrawal method, where the child is slowly encouraged to become more independent in their bathroom habits. Additionally, the three-day method, which focuses on intense training over a short period, is also popular. It's crucial to note that the effectiveness of these methods can vary greatly depending on the child's readiness and individual personality.

How do the potty training techniques of consultants in the US differ from those used internationally?

Potty training consultants in the US typically focus on child-led methodologies that prioritize patience, positive reinforcement, and maintaining a consistent routine. On the other hand, international approaches may vary widely, often influenced by cultural norms and practices; for instance, early potty training is common in many Asian countries, while some European regions might emphasize independence through self-learning strategies. It's essential to understand these differences to choose the best method catered to your child's specific needs and development pace.

Can you explain how the effectiveness of different potty training methods is measured by consultants?

Potty Training Consultants assess the effectiveness of various training methods based on several key factors. The first is the child's age and developmental readiness, as certain techniques may work better at different stages. Secondly, they consider the time it takes for the child to become consistently successful in using the potty, noting faster results could indicate a more effective method. Finally, they evaluate the level of stress or ease experienced by both the child and parents during the training process. The best methods are those that promote a positive, stress-free experience while producing quick and consistent results.

What is the average cost of hiring a Potty Training Consultant?

The average cost of hiring a Potty Training Consultant typically falls in the range of $200 to $500. This price can fluctuate based on factors such as the consultant's experience, the complexity of the child's needs, and the duration of the training program. It's crucial to thoroughly research and compare options to ensure the chosen service provides value for money while meeting your child's specific training needs.

How does the pricing structure vary for Potty Training Consultants in the US?

Potty Training Consultants across the US vary in their pricing structures, often based on the complexity and duration of the training needed. Typically, individual sessions range from $50 to $200, while comprehensive packages offering guided support over several weeks may cost between $300 and $1000. Factors influencing the cost include the consultant's experience, methods used, and the child's specific needs. It's advisable to compare prices and services offered to ensure value for your investment.

Are there any additional costs to consider when hiring a Potty Training Consultant?

When hiring a Potty Training Consultant, it's essential to understand that the initial quote may not cover all costs. Additional expenses can include travel fees if the consultant visits your home, costs for any necessary potty training equipment, and potentially further charges for follow-up sessions or extended support. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of services to ensure you understand the total investment.

What does a typical consultation process with a potty training consultant involve?

A typical consultation process with a potty training consultant usually begins with an initial meeting to understand the child's habits, temperament, and readiness for potty training. Following this, the consultant devises a personalized training plan, which may include techniques and tactics like reward systems, visual aids, or routines. Regular follow-ups are part of the process to assess progress, address challenges, and make necessary adjustments to the plan. This comprehensive approach ensures a successful and stress-free transition from diapers to potty.

How does the consultation process with potty training consultants differ in the United States compared to other countries?

In the United States, the consultation process with potty training consultants often begins with an in-depth discussion about the child's habits, routines, and potential challenges, followed by a personalized potty training plan. This approach may include home visits, virtual meetings, or phone consultations. In contrast, other countries might lean more on group sessions or workshops, and cultural norms can significantly shape the training methods suggested. Regardless of location, the goal is the same: to create a stress-free potty training experience.

What should one expect in terms of follow-up or support after the initial consultation with a potty training consultant?

After the initial appointment with a potty training consultant, one can anticipate continuous support as part of their service. This typically includes follow-up meetings, either in person or virtually, to assess progress, tackle any emerging challenges, and adjust strategies if needed. The consultant may also offer resources like guides or checklists, and remain accessible via email or phone for any queries or concerns. This ongoing assistance is vital in ensuring a smooth and successful potty training journey.
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